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    While I wait for the cabinet on the first two stroke I built, I’ve started in on a second one. This one will go to my daughter who is just learning guitar (she is a pianist already). I plan on a second input, same level with a 68k sharing the 1M to grnd.

    Aside from the second input, I want to make it manageable for her to move around, so lightweight without too much sacrifice to sound.

    How would you guys go about making it light yet retain a sweet sound?



    My 2Stroke combos (the red ones) are solid pine cabinets with Baltic birch baffles and luan back panels. They are very light. Also, Jensen ceramic speaker are light. You could build a combo with 1-12 (or even 1-10) and save weight on a smaller cabinet and one less speaker.
    An aluminum chassis could save considerable weight too.

    I’m actually working on a “mini” 2Stroke design right now.


    I have mine in a small pine cabinet (16x14x9) with a single 8″ speaker. Still not “light” since the transformers are heavy but it probably doesn’t weight more than 10-15 lbs.

    It’s LOUD still and sounds great. Using weber alnico blue pup for now, have a weber CVA8 on the way.

    At some point I hope to have sound clips posted somewhere showing differences between speakers and tubes with this amp.


    Great, Paul…I look forward to your sound clips. I’m thinking of using a 10″ Eminence Little Buddy (Hemp cone) or the new Jensen Falcon 10. I’m going to test both.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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