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    Been living a different life the last few years – time to get back to the fun part.

    If anybody’s interested, here’s my Two-Stroke build completed in 2008:

    I’ve only managed to build 1 more since then (AX84 Hi-Octane). I’ll post a few pics sometime.



    I enjoyed youe cab build,You had to deal with all the issues in cab building and tolex.
    You did fantastic!!!!!!!!!I really enjoyed the read.Now I know your probably thinking whats next,Goog Luck Brother!!!!!Mikey


    I’ve read through your entire blog and I’m thrilled to see someone had the same idea as me; build the amp from the book! Not that this was a terribly original idea. I’m pretty sure that’s what it was there for. :)

    I’ve been studying the specs and I’m sure I’ll have a ton of questions. Just like you, I’m going to start with the cabinet. Should be fun. I’ll continue to post here with questions and concerns.

    One thing; I have no intention of bending the metal for a chassis. Can you recommend a good aluminum chassis I could purchase for this? Size? Specs?



    The chassis spec’ed in DH’s book is a Tweed Princeton chassis: 13.75 x 2.625 x 4.125 (chrome steel or stainless w/ silk screened lettering),from Mojotone, Weber and others. Andy might have a TAN kit chassis available here on the TAN site. You could use a Weber “Maggie” chassis too. All those chassis’ would have the holes already done. The aluminum chassis used in the “Building a Two Stroke” thread here on the TAN site is a Hammond, 13.5 x 2 x 5. The holes had to be drilled and punched (easy with aluminum) and the front and back panels were made separately. Decide on the cabinet specs first and then picking the chassis that fits.


    Thanks for the kind words – and you’re right: once I finished I did wonder “what’s next??”. I chose the AX84 Hi-Octane which I started in Oct/Nov 09 and finished up in time for the new year (see my pics). Next? A 15 watt ultra-clean amp based on other AX84 designs. All the parts are languishing on a shelf because somehow I got involved in rebuilding an old Triumph motorcycle… Anyway – the clean amp might wait a while longer yet because I’m itching to do some mods on the Two-Stroke. Time will tell.

    Ferigno – I never really shopped for chassis because my intent was always to make my own so no help there… If I recall correctly I picked chassis dimensions out of thin air, mostly based on what seemed standard – I rounded everything up so my chassis is a little bigger than most and way roomy for a Two-Stroke. Any of Robin’s recommendations will do you right. Absolutely feel free to ask anything. I’ll be happy to answer if I can.


    The kits we have here use either the Mojotone chassis or the Weber chassis. It depends on how quick we need to restock.

    On both of these, there are a few holes that need to be drilled to mount the OT and the fiberboard. Depending on output configuration and the impedance switch, you may need to drill those as well. I find the Weber chassis to be a bit more robust and the predrilled holes require less “customization”, though a few holes may still be necessary.

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