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    Hello everyone.

    Brief background info. I started sourcing parts from Dave Hunter’s original book about 6 years ago. I bought a Weber Maggie cabinet with the two speaker cutouts and two of the 25 watt 8 ohm Tone Tubby Humboldt speakers (8 and 10 inch). I also bought the Weber Two Stroke chassis they sold at the time which I didn’t realize was made to the updated specs of the newer edition of Hunter’s book (one power tube). I didn’t actually start building this thing until 8 months ago, and I bought the newer edition of Hunter’s book because I read that the build had been updated.

    My main issue is that I want to use these two speakers that I have with the one power tube setup. In the old book, Hunter has an impedance switch. My question is, do I need to use this impedance switch, and what wiring combinations would be appropriate with this setup? I have the Hammond 125ESE OT and I plan on using a 6L6 in there.


    Howdy. I’m not a moderator or expert, but I don’t see why you’d need the switch, assuming you use one tube/ speaker combo. Page 188 of the old book has the output info for the wires from the OT.
    You may want to use the Contact form to get the mod to see your post. That’s what I did, and they got right back to me.



    Hi Yankee, thanks for the reply. I was thinking along those same lines, however, I do have some 6v6’s and EL34’s laying around I may want to use. How do you use the mod contact form to flag a post?


    Hey Jordan,

    If you don’t switch out power tubes, then you don’t need the impedance switch. If you are those two speakers in parallel, you will need to use the 4Ω lead. I’ll have to dig up the specs, its been a while since I looked at it and I don’t recall off hand what color that is.

    If you will want to try different tubes, you will need to install the switch so that you have the right impedance to the speakers. A mismatch could blow the tubes.


    Hi guys, I put in the switch because I wanted the option to use a 6v6. Turned out well, thanks for the responses.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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