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    Hi everyone, I am knee deep in my first build, a two-stroke, I am
    wondering if it’s worth putting in some carbon comp resistors, Does anyone know which resistors in the signal path would benefit from the swap to carbon comp? thanks!


    The 100k resistors are the most important. You could use all carbon comps for the 1/2w and 1w resistors and probably be fine. Look at all the great sounding vintage amps that are that way. Or, you could start with all carbon film and then change out the 100k resistors to carbon comp and see what difference it makes. That’s one of the cool things abut building your own amp, you can fuss with it even after its “finished” and see how changes work out. The Two Stroke is such a great little design, you’re gonna dig it. Good luck.


    My own thought process goes like this. In parts of the amp where the signal doesn’t flow, the power supply for instance, I want it as quiet as possible. I generally use carbon film or metal film there. I also use a fairly high wattage where possible to prevent damage down the line.

    Then I think about where there is potential danger for surges and stuff and make sure those resistors have enough wattage. To me, the 100K resistors fall into this camp. I like those to be at least 1W and I usually go carbon film there.

    The resistors where the signal will flow have the most impact on the sound and might add some warmth and “color”. But also noise. That is the trade off. The tone stack might benefit from carbon comp. Personally, i wouldn’t use a carbon comp on the 68K at the front as any noise that is introduced there will then be amplified along with the signal.

    Experimentation is the key but be cautious as to the wattage. On the Two Stroke, it is pretty forgiving, but what you can get away with on a Two Stroke you might not be able to get away with on other builds ;)


    On the Two Stroke, you can leave that 68k resistor between the input jack and V1 off all together.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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