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    Anyways I recently just revamped my sound system which i feel offers enough bass / power for my events usually 150 or less. My current system consist of
    2 JBL PRX 715 XLF subs (56lbs and size were the deciding factors)
    2 EV ZLX 12P (I was being cheap and didn’t want to pay for QSCs)
    2 QSC K10 (stopped being cheap and kept the ZLX anyways even though I had em for a week and didn’t use them yet)
    DBX Driverack PX
    Anyways that brings me to my dilemma, my system no doubt can accommodate 95% of my gigs but that’s only because I don’t pursue proms, sweet 16s and larger events of 300+. Should I get the QSC KLA so that I can upgrade my system as needed? So for bigger events I can use 4 KLAs and Smaller events use 2?
    I’m assuming it’s a no no to use my 2 sets of current speakers just due to how they operate of can I configure my placement where I have the two subs and K10s upfront and put the EVs towards the sides or back without having any comb filtering or conflict of sound?

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