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You need the updated notes from Dave Hunter. The file is attached.

The Weber 125P has all the correct taps for the 2Stroke, even if the lead colors are different. Transformer manufactures sometime change the lead colors, even on the same design.

I’m not sure about the input resistor you’re asking about. There is a 1M resistor across the input jack and a 68k noise suppression resistor between the tip of the input jack and pin 2 of V1. Be sure to use a shielded wire for this connection and only ground one end to prevent a ground loop.

The green pair from the PT is 6.3v, used for the heater circuit.
From the pilot lamp, it goes to V2 and then on to V1. Be sure to use a twisted pair and dress them away from the other wires going to the tubes. Be sure to ground the center tap (Green / Yellow) to minimize hum.

Study the 2Stroke build photos here on the TAN site for more detail.
We asked these questions too.