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    It has been awhile since I visited the TAN site. I recently had a problem with my 2 Stroke amp.
    I removed the chassis from the amp cabinet to access the circuitry and read the PT voltages.
    There were low readings and then the problem appeared. There was current arcing across the
    3 tab terminal strip adjacent to the power transformer. At first it it looked like the piece of bare
    Wire that I originally soldered across the 3 terminals might have a cold solder connection. I
    Resoldered the connection points. There still arcing and then I noticed that the nut securing the
    Terminal strip to the chassis loosened up. This was tightened and then the problem was solved.
    The only thing which could have happened was the heating and cooling of the of the 2 metals
    Could have loosened the nut.
    The original problem was that no sound was not coming from the speakers with a lot of static.
    Now the problem is solved.
    Hope this will help other members to trouble shoot their amps with similar problems.

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