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    Has anyone in the TAN community built a twin reverb 2 x 12 amp?
    My next question who would be a good supplier for such a amp?


    I’ve never seen a Twin Reverb clone. Assuming you would build the AB 763 circuit (black face, 60’s style), finding a chassis and cabinet would be a challenge. Maybe finding a Twin Reverb Reissue cheap and changing out the PC board for a fiber board / point to point circuit would be way to go. It would be powerful and have that 6L6 Fender clean, is that what you are going for?

    Most of the clones I see these days are Dumble, Trainwreck, Matchless, Marshall or Vox.
    Have you been to the Amp Garage website(ampgarage.com)?


    There are some kits out there if you are set on that amp.

    Mojo does sell a kit here:

    And this is Webers version:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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